Teacher Grant Recipients

The Dayton Public Schools Foundation Teacher Grant recipients for School Year 2016-7 are:

Emily Coleman — Louise Troy, grade 1

Educational Websites for Student Engagement: Using a video subscription service, students will view an engaging film, game, word wall, or writing activity on a particular curricular topic weekly, then be assessed on their comprehension of it.

Mary Lynn Espinosa — Rivers’ Edge Montessori, grades 4, 5, 6

Kids Discover OnlineUsing their new 1:1 Chrome books, students will integrate research and inquiry into their projects with a subscription to Google Classroom and Kids Discover Online.

Lynda P. Hawkins — Louise Troy, K-4

Specialized Reading Is Our Specialty:  Using a supplementary reading program that supplies differentiated lessons to reach the varying abilities in her classroom to improve reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension, the teacher will check that information gained.

Sarah Thompson — Ponitz CTC High School, grades 9-12   

Muse Machine MembershipsStudents will receive free Muse Machine memberships.  As members students can attend four in-school arts performances as well as opportunities for after school club activities, workshops, arts projects, field trips, and to cooperatively plan a community-wide ArtFest.

Vilo Westwood — Thurgood Marshall STEM High School, grades 9-12

Spanish Weather StationStudents from several Spanish classes will construct a weather station, then understand, read and report the daily weather using measurements from a barometer, hygrometer, anemometer, and other instruments.