Teacher Grant Recipients

The Dayton Public Schools Foundation Teacher Grant recipients for School Year 2017-8 are:

Tammy Brewer — $500 — Edison PreK-6

Peace Poles in the Garden: With help from many community partners, students will develop empathy with their community while working in food pantries and their community garden, where they will place peace poles.

April Malone — $500 — Wogaman Middle School

Literature Circle Audio and Audiovisual Stations: Lower readers in groups of three will be able to be exposed to texts that they may not read fluently, but can understand when read to them orally in audio stations.

Kate M. Meier — $500 — Dunbar Early College High School

Spherical Geometry to Increase Understanding of Euclid’s Concepts: To increase student understanding of geometrical concepts, students will use these spheres to investigate ideas of point, line, plane and other Euclidian definitions.

Osir Okumu-Kinywa — $500 — Fairview PreK-6

Tech for All: Many English Learners who have wi-fi connections at home will receive used DPS computers, and aid with proper set-up and training by volunteers. They will then be able to access District resources from home, including our Home Access Center.

Jennifer Patton-Hoang — $500 — Kiser PreK-6

Discovering Transfer of Energy through Eco-Columns: Students will create an eco-column with chambers for a land habitat, a leaf litter habitat, and a mini freshwater habitat, writing observations and predictions from them on how pollution in the habitats affects the environment.

Leana Staton — $500 — Valerie PreK-6

Lending Library for Gifted Learners: Gifted students will receive books from a classroom lending library beyond the reading levels at the school library.


The following grant applicants will receive grants from partners of DPS Foundation:

Joshita Reza — $500 — Westwood PreK–6

Interactive Notebooks/Binders: Students will learn note-taking strategies in creating a personal and organized notebook.
Partner: Crayons to Classrooms

Katie McCoy — $500 — Kemp PreK-6

Rockin’ Recorders: Students will learn to read music, hold the instrument, and play simple songs on the recorder.
Partner: Anonymous donor