Teacher Grant Recipients

The DPS Foundation is happy to announce the Fall recipients of our first round of teacher grants. It is our wish that these hard-working teachers are the first of many to be aided by us with funds given by the community to carry out a project they have designed to uplift the achievement of their students.

-Nancy Nerny, President, DPS Foundation

Veda Brown-Chambers — Meadowdale PreK-8 School

Teaching to Standards for Students with Developmental Disabilities: Students with various developmental disabilities at multiple grade levels will use an inquiry-based science program with evidence-based practices to solve problems that occur in their world so they can pass alternative assessments.

Michele Dinsmore, Amy Spense — Belmont High School, grades 9-12

Butterfly Garden: Students from general and special education classes will build an outdoor learning space with a garden, and visual displays to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and the impact of pollination on food and habitat production.

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Julie Hagaman — Louise Troy School, grades K-2

Reading Skills & Communication Going Hand in Hand: Students from a class with developmental disabilities will use a phoneme sequencing program to become fluent readers and competent spellers, ultimately increasing their speech and communication skills.

Susan Newman — Dayton Boys Prep Academy, K-6

Hatching Chickens: Students will research and watch the life cycles of chicks raised in incubators, take responsibility for them, and compare their growth with that of a human.

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Sarah Schumacher — Louise Troy School, grade 1

Weekly Readers: Students, using the Weekly Reader magazine each week, will choose project topics relating to social studies and science.  They will learn about nonfiction reading, sharing what they learned with family and friends.

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Marcia Vannet — Belmont High School, grades 9-12

Bring the Heat: Students of the physical science and chemistry classes will use hot plates to carry out hands-on science experiments and labs.