Grants for Teachers

Welcome to the Dayton Public Schools Foundation Teacher Grants Program page.

Through our Grants program, the Dayton Public Schools Foundation seeks to fund projects that create additional learning opportunities for our DPS students that extend above and beyond the Dayton Public School District’s normal operating budget. Each Spring we open the Grants application process and invite our teachers to develop and submit a project. Since 2015 we have awarded more than $6,000 in grants that have made a positive impact within many academic disciplines, most grade levels, and other categories (ELL, Special Education). When writing and submitting a grant we encourage authors to use the application forms available on the DPS website and this website.

We look for grants that:

  • Complement and support the goals of the Dayton City Schools
  • Demonstrate innovative thinking and promote cooperative learning
  • Yield materials and durable goods that can benefit future student
  • Be self-sustaining once the initial funding is in place

See the guidelines page for more information.